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We all know that it is hard to change habits and find motivation to do so. Change is not always a question of willpower. To “change” we need to find out what really drives us to let go of a habit. Often this is not easy to find out – and that is where our Health and Wellness Coach comes in. Every stage has a different approach. Here are the different stages of change. Got a health goal in mind? How ready are you to let go of a habit?

  • Precontemplation – Not Ready for Change (No thanks, Not me.)

    Contemplation – Thinking about Change (Well, yes, maybe…)

    Preparation – Preparing for Action (OK! Let’s figure it out!)

    Action – Taking Action (I’m doing it!)

    Maintenance – Maintaining a Good Behavior (Yeah! I’ve got this!)

We will help you get from Where you Are to Where you Want to Go!