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Ever wondered how you can follow all this health information out there in order to reach your health goals? Ever wished you just had someone to ask or to hold you accountable and shows you the way out of information jungle? Let’s talk Health and Wellness Coaching.

Our program works with a certified Wellness and Health Coach who helps you reach your health goals. Whatever it is, we are here to guide you to a personal healthy lifestyle that works for you rather than a “one plan for all”. Together we discover your obstacles and find long lasting solution to enjoy life in a healthy way.

Depending on the goals we set an individual plan. We have different options. While we do have a recommended schedule, keep in mind that this might be different for you.

Our recommended schedule for Coaching:

• First Coaching is 60min
• Second Coaching within a week for 45min
• Follow up Coaching each 30min:
• Month 1: weekly
• Months 2-6: every other week
• Months 6+: monthly

This schedule is flexible as some clients may prefer more frequent visits than others and we also will try to accommodate your schedule while encouraging you to make a strong commitment to making your improved health a top priority.

A regular schedule of recurring visits is generally preferable as we guide you to achieve meaningful health and wellness changes and reach your goals!

You may CONTACT US to request an appointment or for additional information about our coaches, our practice or our programs. You may also call our Office at 281-807-5300.


Physician Wellness Visits — A general Wellness Exam by our Medical Team, including a medical history and assessment of your current health status, blood pressure and BMI measurements, a physical exam and as appropriate, lab studies including cholesterol, diabetes, and thyroid screening. (First time participants of our Program will be asked to have a Wellness Visit first as our program is Medically Supervised. However, we encourage all patients to continue care with their current primary care physicians).

Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

- Our schedule includes appointments that focus on healthy lifestyles and wellness. We help you in identifying your strengths and barriers and work with you in developing positive strategies, personalized goals and realistic action steps. This collaborative coaching approach improves your overall energy, health and well-being in a way that is meaningful to you.

Other Wellness Services what are they?

On Site Health Screenings — A member of our Wellness Team can arrange with your workplace to provide on site screening of Blood pressure, weight, and BMI as well as screenings for diabetes and cholesterol.

Flu Shot Clinics — At our office or On Site for Businesses (Minimum of 20 for on-site vaccinations)