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Wellness Coaching – The “Doctor is In!” And so is the Coach!

Do you want to Lose Weight? Improve your Health? Prevent diabetes? Manage your High Blood Pressure? Your doctor wants you to do that too!

For years, physicians have been given more and more tools to better manage our patients. Fancier tests, fancier drugs, the ability to diagnose disease more rapidly and the ability to care for sicker and sicker patients. Yes, we can save your life! But at what cost?

What if we could help our patients live a healthier life – to AVOID the costs, and the pains, of disease and sickness? And where better to start than helping our patients manage their weight?

Burden of Losing Weight?

More than 1/3 of our population is obese (defined as a body mass index over 30) and a full 2/3 are overweight! And with those alarming statistics come an enormous burden of chronic diseases and staggering healthcare costs.

So perhaps you are overweight or even obese. And you want to lose weight. Your doctor recommends that you eat a healthy diet and exercise. And a very few of you do… Good for you! But most people aren’t successful. Let’s face it – It’s very difficult to lose weight!


In comes the Wellness Coach! The coach sits down with you and spends time getting to know you, your health and your daily routine. What are your stressors? Do you feel like you are always on the go with no time for yourself? Have you lost the same 10 pounds over and over again? What have you tried? What worked? What didn’t?? Do you sit down to meals or eat on the go? Do you drink plenty of water or live on coffee or sodas all day? Do you exercise? What are your goals? What are your obstacles?

You meet with your coach and build a relationship. You set your sights high but you start with realistic little goals that blossom into amazing bigger goals! As stated by one of our patients, “I feel that I can do it, before I felt like it was monumental… Small positive strides, now I feel I can do it.”

With a good coach, you can develop a “road-map” for well-being. You can develop a positive, can-do attitude. You get motivated. You are accountable. You can work towards little goals then bigger. You can make lasting change! You can lose those pesky pounds for good!

How to Manage Change?

Change is difficult! You feel stuck! It is often a struggle to find time in your day — in your life! – for those healthy habits that you know you need to adopt. It’s not that you don’t know what to do, it’s that you don’t do what you know!

We are all busy. Many of us are stressed. But you want to lose weight. A good coach can guide you through a process of change. A good coach can find opportunities for you to make small changes that lead to bigger changes and to make healthy habits become a healthy routine. A good coach can get you in touch with your motivation to make wise choices. You can go from being Stuck to being Active and Fit! You can lose that weight – for good!!

The Outlook of Chronic Diseases

And what of the chronic diseases? Losing weight can help prevent (and for many patients also treat!) diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, the metabolic syndrome, and sleep apnea and can even help your arthritis, aching back, knees and feet feel better. And don’t forget the increase in energy you will have and the positive outlook that comes with your new self-confidence! You can do it!

It’s time to make lasting changes and live a HEALTHIER life!

The Doctor is In! And so is the Coach!

Live Healthy, Live Well

Dorothy C. Serna, M.D., Internal Medicine Physician
North Cypress Wellness